19 Different Types of Writing Genres: A Quick Guide (2023)

In this blog we are going to discuss the different ways of writing genres. Each genre of writing has its mindset and expectations. Genres are the tool for creativity, offering different perspectives to tell your story in different ways.

As a writer, your work falls into a specific genre, whether you like it or not, and that's just based on what you create. On the one hand, some works can fit into a genre. On the other hand, some may have different genders.

There are three different types of writing genres that we will look at in this blog. We separate writing genres such as professional writing, literary writing, and finally academic writing.

If you're wondering which one is right for you, then you've come to the right place.

Here we are going to discover different genres of writing that you should know about!

So, without further ado, let's dive in!


What are writing genres?

The writing genre is usually referred to as the literary genre. It is a type of narrative that can be used or written. Most of the time it is used only for one purpose, to share emotions, ideas and news with other people. The writing genre is used to tell the story in an interesting way.

Writing within each genre will reflect an entirely new story and share many characteristics such as rhymes, imagery, and stylistic devices. The main focus of each genre is to describe events, theory and various ideas in a specific way. In other words, the goal of any genre of writing is how elements are conveyed and described.

What are the different types of writing genres?

Three main types of writing genres are as follows:

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  • professional writing.
  • literary writing.
  • academic writing.

Professional writing genre (types of writing genres)

social media

Social media is a growing genre in business communication. The level of discussion on social media can vary depending on the topic and audience. Well thought out social media post to understand how to use it to reach a wider audience.

business letters

It can be formal and informal. A perfectly written business letter shows the reader why this is important. If you want successful communication, a structured approach is very important.


Well, memos give a clear summary and most important information is given at the beginning but paper memos are not used anymore these days. A positive tone is used to help the reader understand what the author is trying to say and make it appropriate for users.

Memos used to be considered the best business correspondence. The main memo policy still applies even if the paper memo median has changed.

meeting minutes

Meeting minutes include the date, time, participants, and location. This is the standard format for meeting minutes. It is also important to record the most important details to avoid misunderstandings later.

So there are many ways to record meeting minutes. The protocol must be consistent with the location and name. Unnecessary information should be avoided so that it cannot cause difficulties later on.

This is the end of the professional writing genre. Now we move on to the genre of literary writing, and finally we will move on to the academic genre.

Literary writing genre (types of writing genres)


This genre is mostly associated with crime, particularly murder, but that must be it. Any story involving the unraveling of a secret or mystery would be considered within this genre.

This genre usually describes a criminal investigation or a legal case. Well, the most popular novel is The Sherlock Holmes Story. Crime novels are a genre that usually has a problem to solve.

Mystery-Genres Category:

  • Secrets of locked rooms.
  • Historical mysteries.
  • Police Judiciary Police. (A story about a murder in which the killer's identity remains hidden at the end)

Nonfiction literary books

Literary nonfiction is all about real events and people. Non-fiction can be found in magazines such as The Atlantic, The New York and Harper's Magazine.

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This type of genre is associated with creating feelings of fear and terror. Some of you might think that this genre is full of "blood and gore". Anything that evokes negative feelings about something falls under the category of horror.

Horror is the genre of movies, literature and television shows. The main purpose of the horror genre is to induce fear.

Gothic novels are an example of ancient horror literature. On the other hand, Stephen King is considered the father of modern horror literature. Well, nowadays new authors have pushed the limits of horror stories. Authors include John Langan, Stephen Graham Jones and many more.


In the historical genre, the story takes place in the past. Sometimes real people are included to interact with the fictional character to create a sense of realism.


This genre is about love stories between two people. The element of romance can be found in many types of literature. Romance has been around since ancient times, but time flies so fast, and paranormal romances have become more and more popular these days.

Science fiction

As the name suggests, science fiction is the genre that deals with science and technology in society. Science fiction is a particular type of genre that incorporates elements of time travel, futuristic societies, and space. People often call science fiction (Science fiction).

Magical realism

Magic realism is a type of literature in which the real world is portrayed with an influence of magic and fantasy. In magical realism, stories can take place in the real world, but with some supernatural elements. Magic realism is closely associated with Latin American authors. Magic realism is used in literature all over the world.


Fantasy novels are fictional stories set in imaginary universes. This genre is inspired by folklore and mythology, which both children and adults enjoy.


Dystopian novels are about futuristic and oppressive societies. In other words, the dystopian novel features some political and social turmoil. It might help us examine real types of fear, like mass government surveillance.

graphic fiction

Graphic fiction is the category of comic books and graphic novels.


Well, this type of genre can fit any number of genres. In short stories, there is only one plot, there is no subplot in this genre.

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tall tales

Tall Tales stories are not realistic or trying to be realistic.

Scientific Writing Genre (Types of Writing Genres)

analytical writing

In analytical writing, the author has the opportunity to include persuasive writing. A common layout uses methods, results, introduction, summary, and discussion structure.

professional writing

Professional writing is a broad category that includes emails, studies, reports, business letters, and summaries. When writing for a client, it pays to adhere to the company's style rules.

argumentative writing

Argumentative writing is a type of academic essay. It involves the author breaking an idea into its parts and then providing evidence for each part. This writing is primarily based on understanding and reading fiction or non-fiction.

Argumentative writing consists of three sections:

  • a thesis
  • proof or support.
  • Diploma.

The most common types of writing genres you should know about


In descriptive writing, the author writes about every aspect of the person, place or event and describes each aspect in detail.

Example of descriptive writing:

  • Narrative non-fiction books.
  • Fictional Stories.

letter of explanation

Expository writing is used to educate the reader. Therefore, the main purpose of the explanation is to educate the reader, not to entertain.

Explanatory letter example:

  • textbook.
  • technical writing.
  • write recipes.

narrative writing

Narrative writing is used to tell people what is happening somewhere or with someone. Narrative writing includes both fiction and non-fiction. While non-fiction is based on real events, fiction writing is entirely made up.

Narrative essay example:

  • short story.
  • presentations
  • lectures and much more.

persuasive writing

Persuasive writing is used to convince the reader of something. This type of writing is written when the author has a strong opinion about something. It is used to encourage people to take action on any issue.

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Persuasive essay example:

  • An opinion article in the newspaper.
  • Assessments.
  • Sales Letter.

Read more about writing styles:Different types of writing styles


Now you know the different types of writing genres and their most used forms. So which genre or form is closest to you and which one do you use the most? In this blog, we've provided a quick guide to types of genre writing, with the most common genres you should be aware of.

Hope you like!

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