CBSE Lecture 10 Formal English Letter Writing: Formatting, Worked Examples, Tips (2023)

CBSE Grade 10 Formal English Letter Writing:There are only a few days left until the CBSE Class 10 English Board 2023 exam. To get the maximum score on the exam, learn about the correct formal letter format, the subjects of such formal letters and their scoring scheme here. Use these tips to get full marks.

CBSE Class 10 English Letter Writing – How to Write a Formal LetterLetter writing was an important part of the CBSE English curriculum. Students taking the CBSE Class 10 English Board Exam 2023 can become familiar with the technology generation of instant messaging. However, the purpose of the letter writing goes beyond the purpose of the conversation. Writing formal letters is an important skill that students should learn well, not only to score well on the CBSE Grade 10 English exam, but also as a skill to use in their future academic and professional lives.

In the CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus 2022-23, formal letter writing is part of the second section, Section B Creative Writing, for 5 credits. It is considered one of the most important questions in the curriculum as students can easily score 5 on this question simply by following the prescribed format and doing a little preparation.

CBSE Class 10 Formal letter writing in English

In order to achieve the full number of points, students have to consider a few things.

To help students get full marks, here are some tips and tricks for CBSE Grade 10 Formal Letter Writing in English.

We explain here the key points that all CBSE Class 10 students should follow for formal CBSE Class 10 letter writing English letter questions.

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Schriften in CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature 2023:

  • letter to the editor
  • counseling letter
  • letter of complaint
  • order letter

1st letter to the editor

These are written with the intention of drawing public attention to social or general issues through a reputable newspaper or magazine.

Sample topics for the letter to the editor:
  • Talk about child labor/dowry system/unemployment/criminality against children and women/voting abuse/smoking habits/cyber security/problems due to social media addiction/drug addiction and so on.
  • Express your opinion to draw attention to the problem of stray animals / reckless driving / potholes / motorcyclists speeding, etc. in your town or city.

2. Letter of Inquiry

These letters are usually written to seek more information or clarity on subjects such as the syllabus or course of a workshop, planning a class trip, clarifying the process of joining a class, etc.

Sample topics for request letters:
  • Find out about the process of admission to a class/course.
  • I'm looking for more information on some public/private systems.
  • Query full package details from a travel company.

3. Letter of Complaint:

Complaint letters are written to report problems or make official grievances for an individual or collective social issue.

Example topics for complaint letters:
  • Report to the police for theft/loss of mobile phone, purse, motor vehicle, bicycle etc.
  • Complaints about loud noise or other inconvenience from neighbors, bad behavior of an organization employee, inconvenience due to poor service at a tourist spot, etc.
  • In relation to any product purchased, such as B. a broken mobile phone, portable lamp, digital camera, etc.
  • Regarding the misconduct of any employee or associate of the store or vendor
  • In case of problems such as lack of water, interruption of the LPG supply, etc.

4. Consulting topics:

Inquiry letters are written to place orders, i.e. to order products, books, equipment, etc.

→ Sample topics for cover letters:
  • Placing orders for school uniforms or lab coats.
  • Placing orders for laboratory equipment.
  • Request for more books in the school library.
  • Order sporting goods for your school team.
  • Reserve groceries at a large gathering.

CBSE Class 10 English formal letter writing format

Unlike informal writing where the format of the letter is not critical, in formal writing it is very important to stick to the prescribed form of writing.

Check the following format when writing a formal English CBSE Class 10 letter:

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1. Return address:

In the top left corner of the page, near the margin, write the sender's address/contact.

2. Dates:

Leave some space below, write the return address, write the date.

3. Recipient address:

Leave the same space as before and after the date write the address of the recipient (the person in charge / director / editor).

4. Subject of the letter:

Leave some space below and clearly state the main purpose of the letter in 4-5 words.

5. Greeting:

Leave the same space as before and mention sir/madam(If you know the recipient's gender, use Sir or Ma'am.)

6. Body:

If you come from another line, start the body of the letter. The body of a formal letter should be divided into 3 parts:

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  • First paragraph:Introducewho you are and the purpose of writing the letter briefly.
  • Second paragraph:Explainwhat the problem is and how it affects you or is important to you and/or society.
  • Third paragraph:ConcludeYour letter mentioning the conclusion or request or solution.

7. Graduation:

End your letter with greetings and gratitude Use "Thank you/

Best regards."

8. Sender's name/signature and designation (if applicable)

Scoring scheme for the letter writing question in the CBSE Class 10 English Examination 2023:

  • Form - 1
  • Content - 2
  • Organization of ideas - 1
  • Accuracy - 1

Tips to get top marks in CBSE Class 10 English Letter Writing

  1. 1 The land:Strictly follow the formal letter format, i.e. H. Sender's address, date, recipient's address, subject and salutation/ salutation and subject, letter, courtesy closure (generally accepted – Yours sincerely – Editor and Yours sincerely – formal / business)
  2. 2 The land:For body content:
  • All points included
  • Well developed with lasting clarity

3. 1 points:Organize ideas:

  • Highly effective style, capable of persuasively conveying ideas with the right layout of a formal letter, viz. Addresses, salutation, signature and conclusion
  • Carefully structured content with neat paragraphs presented coherently.
  • Highly effective pitch (formal tone, tense and vocabulary), relevant and appropriate phrases to convey the idea accurately and effectively.

4. 1 points: Accuracy

  • Consistently/largely correct spelling, punctuation and grammar with occasional minor errors that do not impair understanding.

Elaborated example of CBSE Class 10 Writing Formal Letters in English


You are Rudra Malik, the captain of Pragya Vidyalaya, Barra, Kanpur. Have you noticed several posters on your school grounds recently that convey a dangerous message:

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Lose weight in just a month!

"A WONDERFUL DIET comes to your rescue...

A privilege that only a few are entitled to!”

Please write a letter of no more than 120 words to the editor of the DWA, drawing attention to the harm caused by such advertising. Suggest the introduction of the “Healthy Lunch Month” in schools as an idea to address such practices, highlight the benefits and share suggestions to promote healthy eating habits and develop positive body image in young people.


CBSE Lecture 10 Formal English Letter Writing: Formatting, Worked Examples, Tips (1)

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