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Remember the license order learned in school that most of us can still repeat exactly.To write lettersis an essential aspect of the program covered in the secondary levels as the emphasis is placed on providing students with accurate knowledgeWriteSkills that can be used in various professional situations. In the digital age, our social media apps have certainly changed the way we used to communicate through letters. Now those letters have turned into emails with a very similar format. In this blog, we will explain the formal letter format, types and patterns.

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This blog contains:
  1. What is a formal letter?
  2. How do I write a formal letter?
  3. Formal Briefformat
  4. Formal subjects for writing letters
  5. Types of formal letters
    1. Letter of the Inquisition
    2. Formal letter to CBSE
    3. Formal letter to the principal
    4. letter of resignation
    5. letter of invitation
    6. letter of complaint
    7. Response to a letter of complaint
    8. sales letter
    9. get well letters
  6. Tips for writing formal letters
  7. Abbreviations used in writing letters
  8. Difference between formal and informal letter format
  9. More examples of formal letter formats
  10. frequently asked questions

What is a formal letter?

A formal letter is one that is written in formal language and uses formal language. These letters are written for official purposes to authorities, dignitaries, colleagues, seniors, etc. and not to personal contacts, friends or family. When writing formal letters, there are a few conventions to keep in mind.

How do I write a formal letter?

Here are the key formal letter elements and what should be included in each section:

  • sender address
    In the formal letter format, it is important that you provide the return address to avoid confusion and disputes.
  • Data
    Provide the exact date to better understand the actual time and date.
  • Name / designation of the recipient
    Skipping this part can lead to possible confusion, so you must include the designation of the recipient in addition to the first name.
  • recipient address
    Providing the correct address on the letter ensures that it arrives at the correct destination.
  • Salutation
    This part is extremely important as you must address the recipient with due respect.
  • Theme
    Write a meaningful subject line that can convey the meaning of the entire formal letter.
  • Body [introduction, content, conclusion]
    It is important that you write your body message accurately and concisely.
  • Free closing line
    Write an additional closing line at the end of the text. It contains words like yours sincerely, greetings, yours sincerely, etc.
  • Signature / name of the sender
    Don't forget to include the sender's name. This eliminates the ambiguity in the message.
  • shipper designation
    For the last element of the letter, you must enter a correct sender designation. It is an essential part of the formal letter format.

Formal Briefformat

The main structure of a formal letter includes:

  1. sender address
  2. Data
  3. Data
  4. Name / designation of the recipient
  5. recipient address
  6. Salutation
  7. Theme
  8. Body [introduction, content, conclusion]
  9. Free closing line
  10. Signature / name of the sender
  11. shipper designation

These elements of a formal letter are structured as follows:

sender address
Name / designation of the recipient
recipient address,

Salutation (Mr/Ms/MS)

body of the letter

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Signature / name of the sender
shipper designation

Formal subjects for writing letters

  • attacks on the elderly
  • Negligence of Parks
  • Affordable accommodation for students
  • Help victims of traffic accidents
  • Growing number of nursing homes
  • Complaint about a defective pair of shoes
  • Complaint about the apartment
  • Complaint about bad bus service
  • Complaint about defective book
  • Complaint about chaotic conditions in the accident department
  • Issuance of Duplicate Certificates
  • Questions about the training center
  • pilgrimages carried out
  • Collection of the XII. farewell party
  • NDA Coaching Classes
  • accommodation for you

Types of formal letters

Now that we are clear on the elements of the formal letter format, let's include the different types of formal letters in the details given below:

  • Letter of the Inquisition: To collect information or details about a course/product/service etc. a specific institution/company/organization
  • order letter: Written by a buyer to place an order for specific products they need to purchase from the seller.
  • letter of complaint: Like a formal complaint letter regarding a specific product/service, a complaint letter is addressed to the seller and usually includes details of poor quality/quantity and the like.
  • Response to a letter of complaint: This letter is written by the seller in response to the buyer's complaint letter and usually contains a clarification or apology for the buyer's complaint.
  • sales letter: To advertise or promote specific products or services to customers.
  • sales letters: Curated primarily for sales promotion, a sales letter is sent out by a business to its customers to introduce them to its products and services.
  • get well letters: Written by a company to get their money back from customers who didn't pay for their product or service.

Letter of the Inquisition

A request letter is written to collect information. It is used in a business letter or formal letter. It helps the person find out information about the course or work, the price of the service or product, the terms and orders of the employment contract, etc. Here are some details to keep in mind when writing a request letter:

  • Introduce yourself briefly
  • Enter the name of the organization
  • Provide clear details about the query scope
  • Be clear about the doubts or questions you raise in the letter
  • Include the date by which you require the information


Nishat Srinagar, Caxemira 8. April 2020Sr. Umer Fayaz, CEO Alamdar Post MagazineHMT, Srinagar CaxemiraSubject: Advertising space in your esteemed magazineMr Umer,It is with great awe that I wish to announce that we are avid readers of your esteemed news magazine, which truly is a solid example of journalistic excellence. We would like to ask you to provide us with an advertising space on the cover of your magazine. Please let us know the prices for this. The first share is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Residents of Nishat Srinagar

Formal letter to CBSE

sender address


recipient address



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body of the letter

close courtesy

to thank you

Best regards

Formal letter to the principal

As a student at the school, you may be asked to write a letter to the principal for various reasons, be it sick leave, permission to organize a school event, request for a report card, etc. Here is the format for a formal letter to the principal :

  1. The principal
  2. school name
  3. Address
  4. Data
  5. Welcome: Ladies and gentlemen
  6. Subject: State the reason for the letter to the director
  7. body of the letter
  8. Closing line: Yours sincerely/faithfully
  9. Sender's name
  10. class and roll no.
The principalschool name addressData[The date the order was written. This helps to officially document the app.]Theme: Reason for writing the letterSalutation: Ladies and Gentlemenbody of content[Mention your name and class][State your reason for applying][Related factors such as number of vacation days (including dates), reason for granting the fee, etc.][Humbled thank you to the principal.Courtesy Please note as a final thank you for the director's time, understanding and patience. This makes the letter more respectful and therefore appropriate.]closing line[Best regards, Yours sincerely, etc.]Sender name with details[Fill out the application by entering your name with other important details such as Class, Section, Role No. and all other details.]

See sample letters to the principal by checking out this blog on writing a principal application!

letter of resignation

A resignation letter is a formal letter that an employee writes to their manager when they want to leave their job for a specific reason. Here is a template for writing a resignation letter

Sender's NameAddressDateTo,Recipient's NameLabelCompany NameAddressSubject:Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to inform you that I am resigning from your position from [Label Name] to [Company Name] effective [Date and Year]. Thank you for the support and opportunities you have given me over the last [number of years] years. I have truly enjoyed my tenure at [company name] and am immensely grateful for the encouragement you have given me in pursuing my professional goals and personal growth goals. If I can be of any assistance with this transition to facilitate the onward handover of my responsibilities to my successor, please let me know. I'm happy to help in any way I can. Best regards, NameSignature

letter of invitation

Likeletter of invitationit is written to invite someone to a specific occasion. Some examples of format letters are invitations from juniors to seniors in college for farewell, from a company to attend the annual office day, invitations to attend a meeting or conference, etc. Here is the format for writing the formal invitation letter.

Sender's NameAddressDateTo, Receiver's NameDescriptionCompany NameAddressSubject: Letter of Invitation to... Dear Sir/Madam, We will be very pleased to have your cordial presence at (the place). We are honored if you come to [name of occasion] and we look forward to your auspicious presence even more. Please note that the event will begin at [venue address] on [date of event] at [event start time]. I hope you can take the time and attend the event. And I hope that you will give me a positive answer. Your presence is important to us. Thank you, Yours sincerely, Name and Signature

letter of complaint

When writing this type of letter:

  • You must be very specific about the problem you are having.
  • Indicate the course of action you have chosen and include details such as the date the orders were received, the order number or details of the previous complaint (if any).
  • Set a deadline for responses.
  • Include a sample or copy of the invoice or other receipts.
  • Use soft but firm language when addressing the grievance issue.
  • Never defend yourself or make claims of your own.

Response to a letter of complaint

Imagine that at some point you have received a letter of complaint and you want to respond to it. Your company's reputation or your own reputation can be damaged by such complaints, so it is important that you try to deal with them. Procedure for responding to a letter of complaint.

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  • Clearly state the problem and cost to the consumer.
  • Sorry for the mistake on your part.
  • Provide details of what steps you will take to address any concerns that have arisen and when you plan to do so.
  • Assure the customer that there will be no more complaints or problems in the future
  • Be extremely precise and explicit in all details.

sales letter

This type of letters mainly refers to those promoting new innovations and updates. Any new store or showroom opening, new program or other promotional discount may be considered a promotion. Each sales letter must contain the following:

  • Use precise and clear language.
  • Spelling and punctuation must be used correctly.
  • Avoid jargon, slang, or other fancy terms.
  • Discuss the action in detail
  • If possible, avoid using acronyms.

get well letters

A business or organization occasionally needs to receive payment from a customer or consumer. The purpose of sending collection letters is to get payment from the customer without hassling or hassling them. This type of letter provides specific information about the amount owed, the payment deadline, and the details of the legal action that will be taken if the debt is not paid in full. Although it is a reminder letter, you must always keep it in mind.

  • The rest of the text should be written in formal language.
  • The customer must be able to clearly understand the reasons and special features.
  • The audio must be official.
  • Indicate the legal steps that will be taken if there is another arrears or delay in paying debts.

Tips for writing formal letters

Here's how you can format your letter:

  • Write a simple cover letter that focuses on your topic
  • Single space your letters
  • use simple font
  • Leave a blank line after the salutation
  • Print out the letter on white letter paper

Abbreviations used in writing letters

Here are some of the most commonly used abbreviations when writing letters:

  • As soon as possible: As soon as possible
  • CC: Punch
  • include: include
  • PFA: See attached
  • PP: Per procurationem: that is, they sign the letter on behalf of someone else
  • P.S. Addendum
  • PTO: Please turn
  • RSVP: please reply

Difference between formal and informal letter format

formal letterinformal letter
It is formally or professionally written.It can also be casual.
It is an official announcement by a person or company.It's not official.
The format of the letter must be adhered to.There is no specific format.
They are written for official reasons.They are written for personal reasons.

More examples of formal letter formats

Now that you are familiar with the formal letter format and its types. We'll go further and help you understand it better through some formal letter examples.

Formal letter template 1

defense colony,
Nova Deli 04-07-2020
Sr. Zia Shakir, MD Multimedia Productions
Lajpat Nagar, Block M, Nova Deli.

Theme: Approval for multimedia home installation

Herr Zia Shakir,

With respect to Paramount, I would like to inform you that there has been a great demand from universities and colleges in the South Delhi region to create a multimedia organization that can serve their internship needs.

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Are you aware of the fact that it is a time of media convergence and people are showing their main interest in choosing multimedia as their main source of information? And it's a positive fact that the collapse of multimedia messaging has overshadowed the traditional way of disseminating information. I believe we will consider all elements of multimedia. A full animation branch will add feathers to our cap. We should take advantage of this emerging trend and set up a full-fledged organization in South Delhi.

thanks in advance
Zahid Hussein
substitute teacher,
Multimedia University, New Delhi

frequently asked questions

What is a formal letter?

A formal letter is one that is written in neat and conventional language and follows a certain set format. These letters are only written for official purposes, e.g. B. to write a letter to the manager, to the HR manager, to a co-worker, to the principal or principal, to a teacher, etc.

What is the resignation letter?

A resignation letter is a formal letter that an employee writes to their manager when they want to leave their job for a specific reason.

What types of formal letters are there?

business letters
Letters of Appointment
experience cardoffer letter
social letter
farewell letter
letter of resignation
letter of invitation
letter of complaint


We hope this blog has given you the basics of the letter format and its helpful examples. If you are unsure about your career choice, arrange a virtual meeting with ourenjoy the educationExperts and we will help you find the right career that suits your skills, interests and goals!


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