Letter writing, format, types of letters, tips, examples (2023)

Briefformat:Letter writing is a type of written message passed from one person to another, either handwritten or printed on paper. Known for centuries, the art of letter writing is considered a traditional way of communicating an idea and has been sidelined with the advent of email, SMS and other means of communication which have become the norm.

To write letters

Letter writing is still used for much of our communication, especially official communication. Letters are still an important means of communication, be it a cover letter for a job, a bank reminder or a letter of admission to college. That is why it is necessary to understand how to write letters. Here in this article we will learn how to write wonderful letters.

Writing format for letters

Writing letters is considered one of the most useful forms of communication and is used for a variety of reasons. There are different types of letters, each with its own shape and style. Here are general guidelines for writing letters:

  1. Sender's Address: First, enter the full address of the sender in the upper left corner, including the full name, address, city, state and PIN code.
  2. Date Line: The date must be specified by skipping a line.
  3. Receiver's Address: Enter the receiver's full address after skipping one line. The name of the company, the name and title of the recipient, and the mailing address must be included in a letter.
  4. Greeting/Greeting: Skip one more line for greeting. This is called a greeting. In a formal letter, you should write: “Dear Sir/Madam. Surname: After the salutation, a colon must be used in informal letters, and a comma in informal letters.
  5. Letter text: After skipping a line, the letter text should begin. Break your thoughts into separate paragraphs in the body of your letter to keep your writing presentable. Leave a blank line between paragraphs
  6. Subscription - To embed a subscription, omit one of the last lines. "Sincerely", "Sincerely", "Best Regards" or similar can be used as a closure. Regardless of whether the letter is official or informal, a comma should always follow the word or phrase you choose to close.
  7. Signature Text - Next, skip three lines (where your handwritten signature will be inserted) and enter your full name. On the next line of a formal letter, you should also add your job title.

Different types of letters

Letters can be classified into two main types depending on the purpose of the letter.

formal letters- Also called business letters, this includes letters of application, letters to higher positions and letters to newspapers.

informal letters- Also known as companion letters, these include friendship letters and invitation notes.

formal letter informal letter
It was written for professional or business purposes.It is usually written for personal use.
A very formal writing tone is used.The informal and emotional writing style is common in this type of letter writing.
It has to be precise and to the point.Informal letters can be long.
Examples – customers, schools, etc.Examples: family, friends, etc.

Letter writing tips to remember

Good letter writing should ensure that you are conveying the right information to people. The method changes for each letter. But there are a few things to keep in mind when writing a letter:

  • Identify the type of letter you are writing.
  • The introduction and the conclusion must be written correctly.
  • Establish the intent of the letter.
  • Be very aware of the language you use. The language may change depending on the letter.
  • The length of the letter should be optimal, i.e. neither too long nor too short.

Examples of writing letters

Pattern 1: Informal letters

Subject: Replying to a friend about planning a meeting

16/65, civil lines

mountain road,

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)

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Dear Priya,

I was glad to see your letter and I liked your idea. I've wanted to spend time with you for a long time and I think we both can finally take the time to plan and make it happen. I also have a list of plans I would like to implement at our meeting. Do let me know what you think about it. And I'm sure we can chat endlessly. I can't wait to get to you. I'll make sure we find you next weekend. See you soon.



Subject - Letter to a friend informing her that she is participating in a case study as part of a school assignment

A 43/ Pockets A

Sukhdev Vihar

Neu-Delhi 110025


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treasure Devika,

How are you doing? I hope you are in good health and staying safe. How are uncle and aunt? I hope they stay healthy too. My history teacher at school has given me the prestigious assignment of working on and researching a case study. It will be credited towards my bottom line! I wanted to tell you that I have chosen you as my case study and I would love to write about you and get to know you even more as you are my best friend.

The entire study involves going home for two to three consecutive days and understanding your habits and what affects you the most, both negatively and positively. It will be engaging and exciting communication with you. I hope you don't mind that I've chosen it as my case study and that you're looking forward to it as much as I am.

Please give my regards to Geetika didi.



Example 2: Formal letters

Subject – request letter

old door

Bombay, 400047

20. September 2022


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bullfighting institute

Bombay 500043

Subject: Application for a professorship in biology

Dear Sir,

I am applying for the position of Professor of Biology in your organization with reference to the advertisement in The Indian Express of 04/18/2018. I am very interested in this position and would appreciate it very much if you could consider my application. I got my degree in biology and worked as a high school biology teacher for two years.

In my teaching experience I have encountered various challenging situations with children and parents and have learned to deal with them well. I enjoyed connecting with the children and being part of their growth and development as thoughtful and thoughtful individuals. I have attached my CV and Certificate of Experience for your kind perusal and look forward to hearing from you on the matter.


asha singh

Subject - Letter to the editor about a road in need of rehabilitation

Ravi Dutt

Sector-2, IT Street

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Lucknow- 226001

Datum: 27.08.2022

The editor

the Hindu

good luck now

Subject: Repair of the road in Sector-2 IT Road


I would like to inform you that people in and around Sector 2, IT Road, Kapoorthala are finding it difficult to travel back and forth due to poor road conditions. We have reached out to the community but so far there has been no progress on this matter. Since private appeals to his protégé were unsuccessful, perhaps a bit of publicity wouldn't hurt. For the past month, the roads in Kapootala have been nearly impassable.

The surface is badly cracked from heavy rain, and on a dark night it is really dangerous for cars or cars to pass this road. Also, there are piles of street metal on both sides of the street, leaving very little space in between. Neighbors in the area have been harassed in this way for weeks. The situation is getting worse and worse. Several accidents have occurred due to this condition. I ask you to draw attention to the seriousness of the matter in your newspaper so that the road can be thoroughly cleaned up without further delay.

to thank you


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What are the 5 types of letter writing? ›

Examples Of Different Types Of Letters
  • Business letter. ...
  • Resignation letter. ...
  • Official letter. ...
  • Invitation letters. ...
  • Descriptive letter. ...
  • Business letter example. ...
  • Invitation letter example. ...
  • Resignation letter example.
Jul 5, 2022

What are the types of letter writing give examples? ›

More Letter Formats,
Authorization LetterLetter to Principal
Apology Letter FormatInvitation Letter
Job Application Letter FormatCheque Book Request Letter
Quotation Letter FormatSalary Increment Letter
Order LetterApplication for Character Certificate
46 more rows

What are the 4 formats of letters? ›

Formal letter writing format is inclusive of the Four mentioned below:
  • Full Block Style.
  • Semi-Block Style.
  • Modified Block Style.
  • Modified Semi-Block Style.

What are the 7 C's of letter writing? ›

The indicators of a good letter are completeness, conciseness, consideration, concreteness, clarity, courtesy, and correctness. These are called the Seven C's.

What are the 7 essential parts of the letter? ›

Experts generally agree that there are seven parts of a business letter:
  • Sender's address. Optimally, you'll want to have a printed company letterhead. ...
  • Date. Whoever receives the letter needs to know when the letter was written. ...
  • Recipient's address. ...
  • Salutation. ...
  • Body. ...
  • Closing/signature. ...
  • Enclosures.
Jul 30, 2018


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