Nigerian Senators Salary: Full Analysis (Updated 2023) (2023)

What is the salary of Senators in Nigeria at the moment? How much salary does a Nigerian Senator earn per month?

Well, according to our findings, the average Nigerian Senator takes home ₦700,000 in monthly salary, while the President of the Senate, the leader of the country's upper legislative house, takes home ₦750,000 in monthly salary.

Nigerian Senators Salary: Full Analysis (Updated 2023) (1)

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

When you add up all of the monthly allowances (entertainment, upkeep, health, furniture, etc.) disclosed on this website, the average Nigerian Senator takes home an incredible amount of money each month.

See this article for a full breakdown of all funds (salaries, allowances, etc.)Members of the Senate in Nigeriareceived in a month and annually.

You will see why so many of them go to great lengths to be elected to this position every four years.It is no news that Nigerian senators are among the highest paid senators in the world.

AfterProfessor Itse Sagay, a Nigerian Senator earns more than 3 billion naira per year.

Judging by his breakdown of all the money a senator receives monthly, which totals 29 million naira, it's easy to see why Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, former President of Nigeria, came out in August 2017 to label our senators as "unarmed." denote "thieves."

Although he was heavily criticized for his statements by the Senate, the fact remains that his statements are not far from the truth.

How did we get the numbers?700,000 per month' for each member of the Senate and '₦750,000 per month' for the President of the Senate?

The answer is below. Continue reading!

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  • Senator Shehu Sani's shocking revelation on the matter

    In 2018, then-Senator Shehu Sani, who represented Kaduna Central Senate District on the All Progressives Congress (APC) platform, made some shocking revelations about the salaries and allowances he and his colleagues receive each month, as reported by Premiumtimesng. com.

    According to Senator Shehu Sani, a Nigerian senator receives £700,000 in salary per month.

    But apart from that, he also receives around 13.5 million euros a month in allowances.

    These allowances are designed to meet your monthly needs as a senator.

    If you take out your calculator and add up the numbers, you get ₦14,200,000 every month.

    severaland these 12 and you will have N170,400,000 to be the annual out of pocket payment of these leaders.

    Fast forward to 2019 and the Senate President himself reveals even more about that salary of a thing.

    Ahmed Lawan's revelation on Nigerian senators' salaries

    On Tuesday, June 25, 2019, speaking in his Abuja office to members of the Senator Forum who were doing him a favor,Ahmed's opponent, the President of the Nigerian Senate made further revelations about the money our senators receive as their base salary each month.

    Below is an excerpt of what Senator Ahmed Lawanit is said that he said:

    “What I want to emphasize here is that I never believe there is such a thing as a jumbo payment to the National Assembly.

    “The members of the National Assembly, both the Senate and the House of Representatives, receive their salaries and I receive N750,000 as my salary.

    “But I have to serve as a senator, my office has to be properly funded. I think the National Assembly needs proper funding because the legislature is very critical of any national development," he said.

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    According to Senator Ahmed Lawan's testimonies, the President of the Nigerian Senate receives N750,000 as his monthly base salary.

    In addition, there are other concessions that you will find while reading this article.

    Nigerian Senators Salary Breakdown and Allowances by Month

    Professor Itse Sagay is Senior Advocate for Nigeria (SAN) and Chair of the President's Anti-Corruption Advisory Committee.

    The amount of money the Senate president revealed as his monthly salary is only half true, the professor said.

    According to the respected law professor, senators take home no less than £15m a month.

    Here are his exact words:

    "I respect and love him (to Lawan) but what he has done is telling half the truth.

    They tell us the actual salary without saying anything about allowances.

    This is where the jumbo salary comes in when it comes to construction, furniture, household, this or that, 15 items and those items alone add up to ₦13.5 million per month.

    So just naming the base salary, which brings it to over ₦14 million, is not enough.

    "So technically you're right. This is your salary. But what is your income, your net income, at the end of the month?

    It's about N15m and we're not including a lot of other things that we need to talk about now."

    Remember that in early 2018 Professor Itse Sagay published a full breakdown of all the salaries and allowances Nigerian senators receivePosted by, describes them as the highest-paid senators in the world.

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    Below is the full breakdown of all the tasks along with a little explanation from us about each of them.

    Base Salary – ₦2,484,245.50

    According to the post credited to the professor on, this is the amount of money each Senator receives per month as their base salary.

    Below are others that are often not made public in order to keep the average Nigerian in the dark about how their money is being spent.

    Hardship allowance: ₦ 1,242,122.70

    I have yet to understand what this money is really going for. Is it really because of the weakening economy? The teacher did not specify.

    If you are aware of this hardship allowance, do not hesitate to drop a word or two in the comments below this post.

    Constituency Allowance – ₦4,968,509.00

    Probably meant to tackle small challenges and start small projects to help the constituency a Senator is from. Although I'm not so sure about that.

    Furniture allowance: ₦7,452,736.50

    This money is for monthly repairs and the purchase of new furniture in the office or any other location the senator needs it.

    Zeitungschulage: ₦ 1,242,122.70

    This is designed to help senators stay abreast of events at home and abroad and generate ideas that move the country forward.

    No nation wants ill-informed men as senators.

    Wardrobe Closet - ₦621,061.37

    This money is designed to help our senators look good while doing their duty to the nation.

    With this money they have to change their wardrobe every month.

    Recreational Allowance – ₦ 248,424.55

    I'm guessing this particular assignment is for the times we're usually here when the Senate is on recess. A kind of calm.

    Housing Allowance – ₦ 4,968,509.00

    As the name suggests, this allocation is designed to meet the housing needs of our Senators.

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    This is to avoid any kind of embarrassment for the owner.

    Operating grant - ₦828,081.83

    With this assignment, the senator can effectively take care of things like NEPA bills, water bills, and many other things, whether at home or in the office.

    Domestic staff allowance - ₦ 1,863,184.12

    This is to take care of your drivers, cleaners, cooks, and other senator household workers so he can focus on his job.

    Entertainment allowance: ₦828,081.83

    This is for any type of entertainment that the senator feels will help them relax and think clearly.

    Personal Assistant Allowance – ₦621.061,37

    This is to take care of anyone or those working as a Nigerian Senator's Personal Assistant.

    With it, you can pay them wages and take care of their needs.

    Vehicle maintenance allowance: ₦ 1,863,184.12

    With this money, Nigerian senators take care of their cars and other automobiles every month.

    vacation pay– ₦ 248.424,55

    This allowance allows the senator to comfortably go on vacation and return to work when it is due.

    Severance Pay – ₦7,425,736.50

    Anyone who has an idea about this is welcome to discuss it in the comments section below this article.

    motor vehicleGrant – ₦936,982.00

    The difference between this and the previous "Vehicle Maintenance Allowance" is that the previous one is for vehicle maintenance, but this one is for vehicle purchases.


    This article contains the full breakdown of Senators' salaries and allowances in Nigeria as revealed by the highly respected law professor Itse Sagay SAN and published by

    I hope your wish to know how much a Nigerian Senator earns monthly as salary is now fulfilled. Now you know why they say we have the highest paid senators in the world.

    This also explains why many people do whatever it takes to get to and stay in the office.

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