Political Employee Salaries and the Way Forward for Nigerians (2023)


This article aims to reveal the salaries of various political officials in Nigeria. Includes the salaries of the President, Vice President, President of the Senate, President of the Chamber of Deputies, Federal Ministers, State Governors, Deputies to the National Assembly, State Commissioners, Presidents of Local Governments, Councillors, etc.

The Tax Revenue and Assignment Commission (RMAFC) reviewed the salaries of the President, Vice President, President of the Senate and President of the Chamber of Deputies and Presidents of the Chamber of the 36 states of the federation, as well as other legislators, both at the National level as in the State Assemblies among other public servants of the country.

Compensation packages for most senior civil servants include annual salaries, housing, vehicle and fuel maintenance, personal assistants, house keeping, domestic staff, entertainment, and utility allowances. Other allowances are choice allowance, annual leave, hardship allowance, wardrobe, newspaper and liability allowance, etc.

Specifically, the salaries of each one are as follows;

Salary of the President of Nigeria

As per the total package prepared by RMAFC, the annual salary and allowances of the President (Muhammadu Buhari) areN14.4 millions.

Find a more detailed breakdown of some of the President's base salaries and allowances:

  • Base salary: N514,705
  • Difficulty Assignment: N1,757,350
  • Constituent: No. 8,786,762 and
  • License allowance: N351,470

The Federal Government must provide you with all your needs, including vehicles, special attendants, personal attendants, entertainment, security, utility bills, newspapers, medical bills, and clothing.

The president's estacode (travel allowance) and service allowance were not specified.

You will receive 300% of your salary as a bonus upon successful completion of your term.

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Nigerian Vice President Salary

The Vice President will receive an annual basic salary of N2,064,400; Hardship Allowance of N1,515,786.25 and Constituent Allowance of N7,578,931.25, bringing their total annual income toN12.1 million.

About 75% of hisannual base salaryYou would be paid for the vehicles and their upkeep if you decide to buy your vehicles and keep them.
The vice president will receive an additional 25% to hire his personal assistants;
75% for domestic workers; 45% for entertainment and
30 percent for profit.
You will receive 20% of your salary separately for follow-up;
200 percent for lodging and
300 percent for furniture.

His service travel allowance is N35,000 per night and an stacode (travel allowance) of $900 per night.
You will also receive 10% of your salary for vacations and
300 percent as a tip upon successful completion of your term.

Nigerian Senate President Salary

In addition, following a downward revision of the salaries and allowances of National and State Assembly legislators, the President of the Senate will receive an annual basic salary of N2,484,242.50 and an allowance of N6.2 million, which raise the total toN8.69 million.His monthly salary is around N724,570. In addition, he receives 250% of his annual salary as a subsidy from the constituency.

However, their vehicles and their maintenance are provided by the Federal Government. Also, your domestic staff, entertainment, utilities, security responsibility, legislative aids, house keeping, as well as a special counselor and personal assistant are provided by the federal government. Likewise, his clothes and newspapers are also included.

Other non-regular allowances include a 300% tip for the President of the Senate; and $1,000 per night for overseas travel, as well as N37,000 per night.

Nigerian Senate Vice President Salary

The Vice President of the Senate enjoys the same benefits as the President of the Senate except that his basic annual salary is N2,309,166.75, total allowance of N 5,772,916.8, bringing the total annual salary toN8.082.083,63and a monthly payment of N673,506.97.

The Vice President of the Senate receives N32,000 per night as business travel allowance. Senators receive $1,000 as stacode and a service allowance of N23,000 per night.

Salaries of other members of the Senate

The Senate Majority Leader receives a salary ofN12.968.960. The minority leader receives a total annual salary ofN12.908.168. the whip is putN12.867.000. The same applies to committee chairs. In fact, in the last administration, almost all the senators were presidents of various committees.

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The subsidies received by members of the upper legislature are much more than what their salaries indicate.

For example, each senator receives 75% of the annual salary as an allowance for a vehicle and its maintenance. They collect another 75% of their salaries for domestic staff; 30% for entertainment; 30% for public services; 25% for clothing; and 250 percent as a constituent subsidy. This is annual.

Others include, an unspecified allocation, which is 53%; newspapers 15%; Personal Assistance, 24 percent; and house keeping 5 percent.
In addition, the Majority Leader receives 10% for Accountability; minority leader 7%; while the presidents of Látigo and Comité receive 5% for the same purpose.

Ordinary Senators receive a base salary of N2,026,400.00; annual subsidy of N10,739,920.00, bringing it to a total ofN12.766.320,00.

All senators who have just completed their terms in the VII National Assembly are therefore entitled to 300% of annual salaries as a bonus.

From the perspective of Professor Sagay (SAN), this is the division of the annual salary of the senators. Some of the items here are not listed above.

  • Base Salary N2, 484, 245.50;
  • Subsidy for difficulties, N1,242, 122.70;
  • Group subsidy N4, 968, 509.00;
  • N7 Furniture Assignment, 452, 736.50;
  • Periodic allowance N1, 242, 122.70;
  • Wardrobe Allowance, N621,061.37;
  • Recreation allowance N248, 424.55;
  • Lodging N4,968,509.00;
  • Utilities N828081.83;
  • Domestic staff N1,863,184.12;
  • Entertainment N828,081.83;
  • Asistente personal N621061.37;
  • Vehicle maintenance allowance N1.863.184.12;
  • License Subsidy N248,424.55;
  • Compensation Bond N7, 425,736.50
  • Subsidy for Motor Vehicle, N9, 936,982.00.

Salaries of members of the Chamber of Deputies

At the House level, the President receives a total annual salary ofN4.334.942,50.

Like the President of the Senate, the Federal Government provides its vehicles and their maintenance. Your household staff, entertainment, utilities, security responsibility, legislative aids and home maintenance, as well as a special counselor and personal assistant are provided by the federal government.

Also, clothing and newspapers are provided to the President by the Federal Government. He receives 75% of his salary as electoral subsidy. You get $790 estacode per night and N32,000 per night for domestic travel.

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The vice president whose annual salary is4.002.309,94enjoys benefits similar to those of the speaker. You are paid $750 and N30,000 for Estacode and Tour Duty respectively.

The House Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Whip Master, and Committee Chairs receive annual salaries ofN6,352,680.00. In addition, they receive 50% of their salary as a subsidy and maintenance of the vehicle; another 50% for domestic service; 10% for utilities and another 10% for house maintenance.

In addition, they charge 75% for electoral subsidy and 25% for personal assistant. Other members enjoy similar assignments. Members receive $550 and N21,000 for estacode and domestic travel respectively.

Salaries of federal ministers

The basic annual salary of a substantive minister isN2,026,400(N168,866:66 per month).

Each of the ministers is also entitled to N6,079,200 as furniture allowance, which is paid once every four years. If any of the ministers so desires, he or she is also entitled to N8,105,600 as motor vehicle allowance. However, the car allowance is a repayable loan until the end of the minister's term.

Other grants include;

  • Subsidy for the supply and maintenance of motor vehicles of N1,519,800 (annual amount).
  • Domestic staff - N911,880 per year
  • Entertainment – ​​N607.920
  • Utilities - N405.280
  • Supervision of subsidies - N303,960
  • Personal Assistant Grants - N506,000
  • Subsidies to Newspapers - N303,960
  • License allowance - N202,640
  • Tourist service - N35,000
  • Estacode Subsidy – $900 per night
  • Housing allowance - N4,052,800

The sum of these annual allowances isN13,374,240for each minister excluding the optional vehicle allowance.

Salaries of members of state assemblies

State Assembly Speakers enjoy all the benefits of their federal counterpart, where virtually everything they need is provided at public expense. However, their annual salaries are inN2.049.843,75and a Constituent Subsidy of 25 percent of their annual salaries.

vice presidents receiveN1.807.478,13and 25 percent of it as constitutive subsidy.

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The members of the House of Assemblies receive annual salaries ofN2.473.866,25.

A closer look at Economic Confidential reveals that an average Nigerian worker earning a minimum wage of18.000 nairaa month will have to work for four years before winning the utility allowance for a legislator. Unless the compensation package is revised down or up by the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission, legislators will continue to enjoy current official salaries and allowances.

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Salaries of State Governors and Political Leaders of Other States

Nigerian governors win2.2 million nairaMonthly as base salary. There are also other entitlements and bonuses that are earned at the end of the month, quarterly, and annually. The number can reach N5 million per month. You can't really determine the actual amount a state governor in Nigeria takes home at the end of each month. There are so many benefits and allowances that vary monthly and also vary by state. Although the basic salary of all Nigerian State Governors is the same across the Federation.

Lieutenant Governors of Nigeria winN2.11 millionmonthly base salary.

State commissioners in Nigeria winN1.33 millionmonthly base salary

Salaries of local government political leaders

The annual compensation package of a local government president includes a base salary ofN1,026,327, Personal Assistant Allowance N256 581, Family Allowance N769 745, Entertainment Allowance N461 847, Utility Allowance N307 898, Security Allowance (Supplement N20 000), Holiday Allowance N102 632 and Cloakroom N256 581.

A Vice President is entitled to a total package of N2,803,392, comprising a base salary ofN904,320, personal assistant allowance N226,080, household allowance N78, 240, entertainment allowance N406, 944, utility allowance N271, 296, security (supplement N20,000), holiday allowance N90, 432 and clothing allowance caretaker from N226,080.

Board secretaries receive an annual package of N2.46 million, including a basic salary ofN684.395and family allowance of N513,296 and other allowances.

For the elected councillors, each will raise a total annual package of N2.4 million, including a basic salary ofN669,105and family subsidy of N501,828 among other benefits.

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Each of the supervising directors will receive a total package of N1.86 million, including a basic salary ofN557,427and family allowance of N418,070 among other allowances.


Many Nigerians have in the past called for a reduction in the basic salary and entitlements of civil servants, as they are believed to earn too much. While many might also argue that it is not the salaries of these civil servants in Nigeria that are causing the economic hardship, however, the trend is that this may be part of the cause. Half the salaries of these political officials, if applied correctly, could provide useful work for hundreds of thousands of unemployed youth.

To this end, some political analysts have supported claims that the political system of government in Nigeria is too costly to operate and there is an imminent need for restructuring. That could be a valid point if Nigeria passes.

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