The 15 Best Real Estate Websites to Sell a House in 2020 (2023)

APesquisa da National Association of Realtors® de 2017reported that 51% of buyers found their homes online, 30% found homes through an agent, and a decrease of 7% discovered their permanent home through a garden sign or open house. That should tell you one thing: if you're selling a house in 2018, not only do you need to be on the Internet, you also need to be on the right page.real estate websites.


The 15 Best Real Estate Websites to Sell a House in 2020 (1)

So what exactly are these sites? I'm so glad you asked because I have a favorites list below.

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The best realtor websites


  • Best for:Buyers, renters, sellers, looking for brokers, looking for mortgage lenders
  • One:Whether you're buying, selling or browsing, Zillow has something for you. Listing a home yourself on Zillow gives you access to a sales revenue calculator, the "estimated" value of your home, a local news feed, and tools to help you accurately price your home.
  • Application: iOS|Android

  • Best for:Buyers, Sellers, Renters, Look for Brokers, Look for Mortgage Lenders
  • One:Sellers can calculate the value of their home, learn how to start the home selling process, and learn how to choose exactly the right agent for their needs. And is licensed by the National Association of REALTORS®, so you can trust the content you find here.
  • Application: iOS|Android


  • Best for:Find buyers, sellers, brokers
  • One:Redfin helps you sell your home for just 1% listing fee. In this entry-level package, you'll get help from a local Redfin agent, professional photos and a 3D walkthrough, premium placement on, a yard sign and open houses. Are you willing to pay a little more? The 2% entry fee service includes everything in the 1% plan, plus a custom renovation plan, verified service providers, and cost recovery for project management, deep cleaning, professional staging, and organization.
  • Application: iOS|Android


  • Best for:Buyer, seller looking for an agent
  • One:Trulia goes beyond static lists. They pull information from the people who live in their neighborhood to offer shoppers neighborhood map overlays that provide a deeper understanding of the community they are shopping in. Check the prices of recently sold homes in your neighborhood and the values ​​of homes in your community. And get advice from local real estate agents, realtors and others on Trulia Voices, your eponymous real estate community.
  • Application: iOS|Android


  • Best for:Buyer, seller, agent
  • is a free multi-listing service for finding MLS real estate listings from licensed realtors and other real estate professionals who are members of their local MLS. List homes for sale, new homes, resale homes, new construction, acreage, lots, land, commercial properties and investment properties here.
  • Application:N / D

6.CENTURY 21 real estate

  • Best for:Buyer, seller looking for an agent
  • One:Did you know that the typical home sale today involves more than 20 steps after accepting the initial contract? CENTURY 21® Agents guide you every step of the way for quick and easy trading. Together, you'll create a marketing plan, add value to your home before you sell it, set the right price, and showcase your home at its best. At CENTURY 21, you can expect a traditional, full-service approach to real estate.
  • Application: iOS|Android


  • Best for:Buyer, seller looking for an agent
  • One:Whether you're looking to sell your home locally or expand your property globally, commercially or into luxury space, RE/MAX can help. And with franchises and agents available in all 50 states, you're sure to find one that specializes in your city and your specific needs.
  • Application: iOS|Android

8.Coldwell Banker realtor

  • Best for:Buyer, seller looking for an agent
  • One:CBx is a new technology from Coldwell Banker that gives your agents an edge. It offers more accurate pricing, uses big data to find the right buyers for your home, and markets your property strategically, targeting only the most qualified potential buyers. Request a quote on the Coldwell Banker website to get started.
  • Application: iOS|Android


  • Best for:Buyers, sellers, renters
  • One:HomeFinder is purely a listing tool. For $39 a month, you can upload as many photos of your home as you like, easily share your listing on social media, and receive priority ranking, which means your listing will appear before basic properties. HomeFinder also gives you the option to let buyers or renters email or call you directly.
  • Application: iOS|Android


  • Best for:Adventurous Buyers, Sellers, Renters
  • One:Oh yes, it is possible to sell or at least advertise your home on Craigslist. And with50 billion page viewsEach month, it's easy to see why so many people choose Craigslist as their real estate hub. Simply create a new post, click "Property Listing" and enhance your listing with a stunning headline, great photos and compelling copy. Of course, you'll want to watch out for scammers and unwanted investors - but if you prefer an avant-garde attitude to life, listing your home on Craigslist might excite you.
  • Application: iOS|Android


  • Best for:seller
  • One:Do you want to sell your house quickly? Find a Facebook-friendly real estate agent and run ads. Make sure your agent is up to date on this social media giant's latest algorithm changes, because you'll want to know whether to create videos, still images, or text redirects to get the most bang for your buck. Facebook's targeting features allow you and your agent to get your home ad in front of the people who find it most relevant, and a link to your agent's website or MLS listing leads straight to your door.
  • Application: iOS|Android

  • Best for:Buyer, seller looking for an agent
  • One:Let know what matters most to you in a home and they will match you with properties that suit your needs. They also provide a unique match ranking so you know how much each house suits you. See a house you like? Take a picture and will help you find some similar options. As a home dating site, promises to find you the perfect buyer or home.
  • Application: iOS|Android

  • Best for:seller
  • One:Current property value, land value, number of bathrooms, and state property records are just some of the details you'll learn with this information aggregator. It might not be fancy, but it uses an advanced algorithm and real analytics to give you a quality report on every home you want to sell.
  • Application:N / D


  • Best for:Buyer, seller, agent
  • One:Movato taps into the MLS to provide up-to-date listings you can read with confidence. Find your dream home? They will connect you with one of their local agents within minutes. And you get access to cutting-edge communication tools, AI and data scientists for a truly modern real estate experience.
  • Application: iOS|Android list

  • Best for:buyer
  • One:Feeling brave? Buy your home online. Open Listing lets you search the market for homes, book tours with agents who won't pressure you to buy, submit your listing online with the help of a local agent, and receive a 50% commission refund if you close.
  • Application: iOS

Selling your home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. Don't choose the wrong site or agent. Start with this list and find the right solution for your needs. Are you a realtor looking to expand your business? check out theseTips for starting a real estate business, a list ofTop Real Estate Blogs, this is itmotivational, relatable, and just plain funny real estate quotes.

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