What makes writing good? (2023)

Learn to dissect and imitate good writing

By studying good writing, you canimprove your writing skills. The following articles analyze 26 brilliant copywriting examples to demonstrate what makes good writing...

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Copyright Examples

1. David Ogilvy's Famous Rolls-Royce Ad ***

What Makes Ogilvy's Ad So Compelling? And why do copywriters study your ad decades after it was first published?

Read this section to learn 6 copywriting tricks from a legendary copywriter...

2. Apple's Seductive Selling Copy***

Apple seduces with great design and knows how to make a splash with every product launch. But your sales texts also play an important role.

(Video) The Write Question #6: What makes good writing?

Find out how Apple copywriters sell with words...

3. A wine catalogue

Does the idea of ​​selling make you want to run away?

This dissection of text in a wine catalog shows how to sell without being pushy. Discover 5 enchanting sales techniques…

What makes writing good? (4)

Improve your writing skills

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Examples of email writing

4. A Master Class in Sales Emails from AppSumo ***

AppSumo sends emails with discount offers on tools and apps"help you succeed in business and in life."You have over 750,000 email subscribers.

Find out why AppSumo emails are so compelling...

5. Stealable Blog Newsletters ***

Want to write emails so compelling people can't help but click through to read your blog posts? This article analyzes a number of blog newsletters and explains why they have people eager to click through to read more.

Discover 7 email formulas worth stealing...

Examples of persuasive writing

6. This NYT #1 bestseller shows how to "sell" ideas ***

In 2005, Dan Harris had a panic attack on live television and reluctantly embarked on a journey into the practice of meditation to find peace in his mind. his book10% happierencourages skeptics to try a meditation practice as well.

Discover how to sell your ideas to a skeptical audience...

7. An example of how to make your voice heard

Ibram X. Kendis BuchHow to become an anti-racistshows us how to engage readers with personal stories and how to connect those stories to the big picture.

Learn to make your voice heard...

Examples of personal writing

8. A beautiful example of personal writing

The bookHomemade foodby Laurie Colwin is part instructional book with recipes and cooking tips. But what makes the book so appealing is the personal stories.

(Video) How to write descriptively - Nalo Hopkinson

When authors make up their stories, readers feel closer to them, almost as if they become friends with the author.

9. An example of sincere writing

Using examples from the book by Brené Brownvery brave, this article will show you how to write honestly and create stronger connections with your readers.

Discover how to write like a sincere person...

10. A mix of personal and professional writing (perfect for bloggers too)

in your memoriesmoving, Oliver Sacks writes about his professional life and also shares personal stories - about his motorcycling vacations, his teenage drug use and finding the love of his life in his seventies.

Get 3 tips on how to write about yourself without damaging your professional image...

11. An example of editing a memoir

This article shows Mary Karr editing a sentence from a draft of her memoirlit, and how she turns it into a dramatic film.

Discover how a best-selling author edits his own writing...

12. An example of a life story

This article shares 4 lessons on writing your life story with examples from Olivia Laing's bookThe Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone- an extraordinary account of her loneliness as she moved to New York from the UK.

Discover how to write your own life story...

13. A little personal story

Thumbnail stories are short stories interwoven with factual text such as blog posts or books. These stories add personality and zest to your writing.

This article will show you how to filter your information to keep your story short and interesting...

Examples of academic writing

14. What it's like to be a fucking bird

This article dissects a paragraph from the book by David Allen Sibleywhat it's like to be a bird. His writing is engaging and simple, but not simplistic.

Discover how to engage and enlighten your readers with charming simplicity...

15. A science book on volcanoes

A book about volcanic apocalypses and deadly oceans is not the kind of book I would normally choose. But I decided to read the bookThe ends of the worldby science writer Peter Brannen, because I was curious if (and how) he might fascinate me.

(Video) 5 Ways to Improve Your Writing

Find out how to write an exciting adventure about anything...

16. A best-selling scientific book on trees

Enthusiasm brings our writing to life and makes readers curious to learn more. in her bookSearch for the mother tree, Suzanne Simard enthusiastically shows us how to write.

Discover how to infuse your writing with enthusiasm...

17. A Book About Fish ***

Did you know whales can communicate with each other over 1,200 miles?

Bill Francois is a physicist who studied the marine world. This blog post dissects a paragraph from his bookThe eloquence of the sardine. Not only will you learn about the whales' telephone network, but you'll also learn how to explain everything with flair.

18. Lessons in sensory biology

ed yong bucha huge worldlets the reader experience the sensory world of animals.

This book shows us how concrete language can be used to invite the reader into another world...

19. A book about mosses

Robin Wall Kimmerer is a professor of environmental and forest biology who fascinates readers with stories about nature.

In my favorite passages from your bookHarvest mosses, she explains how she feels about the mosses and thus creates a feeling of connection for the readers. Kimmerer shows us how to write with enthusiasm and authority...

Blog writing examples

20. An Intimate Blog With Nick Cave ***

In September 2018, singer-songwriter Nick Cave started his blogThe Red Hand Filesto answer fan questions.

Discover how Cave turns his blog into an intimate conversation...

21. A tiny idea turned into a solid blog post

Have you ever seen a tiny idea and then wondered how to turn it into a solid blog post? This article shows a 5-step process to turn a few words into a solid article that readers will like and share.

Discover how to turn 31 flimsy words into a solid blog post...

(Video) If You Can't Answer These 6 Questions You Don't Have A Story - Glenn Gers

22. An example of a narrative essay

The sentence narrative essay can evoke nightmarish feelings of terribly boring schoolwork. But rehearsals don't have to be monotonous.

Learn how to write a narrative essay to engage business readers...

Examples of creative writing

23. Write like Hemingway

in your bookthe old Man and the Sea, Hemingway shares deep wisdom in simple language. How does Hemingway write so simply? And what can business editors learn from this?

Find out how to write like Hemingway (even in business)...

24. An example of precise writing ***

Writing too short has no soul. It lacks the power to engage and inspire. In contrast, precise writing is crisp, lively, and full of enthusiasm. Even as your text gets longer, the accuracy keeps readers engaged.

Learn precise writing and break through the reader's caution...

25. Chandler's writing style

Raymond Chandler is known as a great stylist. But what makes your writing style so great?

Discover the 3 magic ingredients for great writing (so you can improve your writing too)...

26. An example of living language

This article explains how Chip and Dan Heath combine research with vivid stories to make their message clear and memorable.

Learn to use vivid language to help readers remember your message...

What makes writing good? (28)

Improve your writing skills

Learn to write better and find your voice. Get free writing tips in your inbox.

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What makes good writing good? ›

However, there are certain qualities that most examples of good writing share. The following is a brief description of five qualities of good writing: focus, development, unity, coherence, and correctness.

What makes you a good writer answer? ›

A good writer must have good research skills. A good writer should know the subject of discussion deeply, have a thorough understanding of the target audience, write relevant, quality content that has a logical flow of events and still grabs the audience' attention.

How do you know if your writing is good enough? ›

The only way to get good enough is to write and learn to spot your own bad writing. Sometimes it takes a lot of practice to learn to see it, but if you read your own work and you think that you're awesome, that should be your first clue that your writing needs help--that's the Kruger-Dunning Effect in action.

What are the 7 traits of good writing? ›

These standards focus on revising, editing, and publishing work using technology- all seven of the traits: ideas, organization, word choice, voice, sentence fluency, conventions, and presentation speak to these standards.

What is the most important element of good writing? ›

Good Writing Is Clear and Concise

One of the most important elements of good writing is clarity. To communicate effectively, it's important that your text is easy to understand. This means that you should use simple and straightforward language, without unnecessary flourishes or ambiguities.

What are 3 things that good writers do? ›

  • Good writers make a good first impression. ...
  • Good writers make their endings strong, too. ...
  • Good writers organize their articles and stories so that readers can follow along without getting lost or confused. ...
  • Good writers rewrite. ...
  • Good writers don't just tell something, they show it.
Mar 17, 2009

How to be good in writing? ›

How to improve your writing skills
  1. Review grammar and spelling basics.
  2. Read what you want to write.
  3. Proofread.
  4. Get feedback.
  5. Think about structure.
  6. Write.
  7. Know some common fixes.

What are the 10 qualities of powerful writing? ›

10 Important Qualities of Good Writing
  • 1 Simplicity.
  • 2 Unity.
  • 3 Focus.
  • 4 Authority.
  • 5 Grammar.
  • 6 Word Choice.
  • 7 Conciseness.
  • 8 Style.


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